Skinny stacking rings sterling silver skinny stacking rings think silver ring stack of thin silver rings textured stacking ring wedding band


These rings were a blast to dream up with! I tried to play with every texture and finish I could come up with to create a pile of rings that would be cool worn in a big stack or individually.
I absolutely love how the rough textured ring looks all on its own, super simple - it would make a lovely wedding band for someone who appreciates the minimal.
So on one hand wear one simple, skinny band and on the other hand you can mix a variety of textures and finishes from solid black to bright and shiny!

Here is a list of the different options you will find ... I can't be quite as descriptive as I'd like in the drop down menu so here is a bit more info. This pretty much matches the first photo, the stack of rings from top to bottom:

*sand paper finish - this is pretty much just how it sounds, a kinda rough (but totally comfortable) sand paper finish
*hammered lite oxidation - I've hammered this band all the way around then oxidized it and given it a lite polish
*plain full oxidation - this band is simple, not hammered or textured and has a solid black oxidation
*flat satin finish - I've taken a plain round band and hammered it flat so that it has a structured edge as opposed to a round edge and just given it a simple satin finish
*divots lite oxidation - I've hammered deep divots into the band and then oxidized it and then polished off the black on the surface leaving it just down in the divots
*dots full oxidation - this is a full band of dots with a solid black oxidation
*rough texture satin - this one was fun! I beat it up a bit with my hammer and saw and just gave it a lovely weathered texture with a simple satin finish
*divots full oxidation - this band has the hammered divots with a solid black oxidation
*hammered satin - this band has been hammered all the way around with a simple satin finish
*hammered full oxidation - this band has been hammered all the way around with a solid black oxidation
*dots lite oxidation - this band has dots all the way around, was oxidized and then polished so that the black is just down inbetween the dots
*dots satin finish (not pictured) - dots all the way around with no oxidation and a lite satin finish
*dots high polish (not pictured) - dots all the way around with a very shiny high polish, great contrast to the black oxidized bands
*hammered high polish (not pictured) - hammered surface with a bright, shiny, high polish finish
*plain high polish (not pictured) - simple round, plain band with a shiny high polish finish
*divots high polish (not pictured) - simple band with deep divots hammered into the surface and then given a very bright, high polish
*flat high polish (not pictured) - a simple band that I've hammered flat so that it has a structured edge as opposed to a rounded edge and then given a bright, high polish

As you can see there are nearly never ending options! Any and all of these would look super cool mixed and matched together! And what a fun thing to start collecting!!

***PLEASE be aware that the oxidation is a finish that WILL WEAR OFF over time. It will start to turn a lovely steal gray over time, that's just what it does. This will happen more with the solid black rings as opposed to the ones with the color down in the crevices. I am happy to re-oxidize your rings for you once a year. Just give me a holler and we can make the arrangements.

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